Hillock Capital Management provides international capital markets with custom designed investment opportunities in South America, particularly Argentina and Uruguay, in the Real Estate and Agribusiness Sector.

This attractive market requires global vision, regional knowledge and local execution. This is made possible through our expertise and highly trained team along with a network of the most respected experts with whom we share a long standing relationship. Few companies can offer this; Hillock Capital Management is one of them.

Our company serves as a gateway for Investors in the South American Agribusiness sector. Hillock offers custom tailored Investment projects for individuals, funds, financial institutions and banks.

We design projects to meet our Client's different profit needs and risk exposure objectives. We implement, execute and control every aspect involved in the project and see that it complies with local Legal and Tax requirements applying the adequate financial engineering. Investors are able to enter the Argentine and Uruguayan Markets with a carefully designed project knowing that their acquisitions are run by well trained professionals who will execute the original business plan as forecasted.