Hillock Capital Management is a firm which combines the expertise and professional skills of two successful Argentine firms.

Hillock S.A

In 1969 Hillock S.A. became registered as a Commercial, Real Estate, Brokerage and Agricultural Limited Company. As an international brokerage firm Hillock S.A. traded meat, skins, furs and foodstuffs from cattle, horses and hares and developed extensively especially the Japanese market. It was in the early 70's that Hillock focused in farmland purchase and agricultural development as a major goal.

In 1972 the first farm was bought in the province of La Pampa. Production was developed in most of its ways. The company achieved to own three dairy herds being each at the top local production ranks. As Holstein and Jersey Cattle breeder obtained National Grand Championships and Reserves repeatedly. Later, beef-cattle rearing, breeding and fattening was developed at high standards obtaining record prices in calf and beef markets. In 1992 the company already owned five ranches in Buenos Aires and La Pampa amongst other Urban Real Estate Properties.

Today farming is performed in La Pampa province in a successful high yield productive scheme which involves more than ten thousand hectares. Hillock S.A. is today a family owned real estate company. Hillock Capital Management is a company which outsources Hillock S.A.'s professional management in agribusiness to investors around the world.

Fairhurst & Pisarenko

Founded in 1931 by Dr. Juan Fairhurst, Fairhurst & Pisarenko provides legal services and consultancy to local and foreign customers, originally being renowned lawyers for the British community in Argentina.

The firm today is owned and directed by Dr. Héctor Ricardo Pisarenko Blanco and Dr. Nicolas Pisarenko Fairhurst who have managed to enlarge the already wide reputation which the firm had amongst the business community.

Although being a full-service law firm which services its customers with consultancy and execution in all legal matters, the main areas of practice are Civil and Commercial Law, Corporate and Business, Property and Real Estate, Capital Markets, Mergers and Acquisitions, Taxation, Litigations, Family Law, International Trade, Labor Law and Environmental Law.

The firm's broad client base includes private individuals, a wide variety of domestic and foreign companies, as well as foreign banks and financial institutions.