Mr. Martín C. Otero

Director and Vice-President of Hillock S.A. and currently President and CEO of Hillock Capital Management started very early his career in Hillock S.A., as an administrative passant in the Buenos Aires headquarters. He later established as a fieldsman in La Pampa for six years. He formerly decided to experience different companies being employed by Nidera S.A. as Domestic Grain Buyer but where he soon achieved the position of International Grains Trader.

After six years holding the position and for the following four years he was hired by America Latina Logistica (GP Group), a Brazilian-American Company which operates the largest South American Railway Network were he achieved the position of Commercial Corporate Manager in charge of the Agri-Products Profit Center in Argentina managing Argentina, Paraguay and Chilean agricultural flows.

Parallel to his career in multinational companies Mr. Otero has not only continued his activities in the board of Hillock S.A. but amongst other activities he has been hired to perform professional consultancy major private agricultural real estate investors.